Invoice Import Template - can account codes appear automatically once item code entered?

I use datadear to create all customer invoices. We use item codes for our invoicing. In Xero these codes are set up to link to certain account (GL) code. If I create a invoice manually the invoice will prepopulate the account code once I have selected a item code with whatever account code is linked to the item. Is this possible to do in datadear? So if I enter an item code for an invoice it will automatically populate the relevant account code. TIA :slight_smile:

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Can you kindly clarify if you are referring to pulling data from Xero using the invoice list data table or are you using the Invoices and bills template to push invoice to Xero?

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Hi David, Sorry I missed this reply! I am trying to push invoices to Xero from DataDear

Hi @AndreaEHG

I believe this can be done using excel formulas. You can create another tab which has a list of item codes and account codes side by side ( assuming the there is a one to one relationship, so one item code relates to one account code).

You can then input a Vlookup formula in the accounts column to look for that value in the list created and return the value required.

Hope this is clear, please let me know if you require anything further.

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