Invoice Part Payments In Xero



When using the ‘Xero - Invoices Template’ to post multiple ‘Part Payments’ against the same invoice in Xero the payments seem to be combined and posted as one entry against the correct invoice.
The combined payments are posted to the same bank account even though the individual entries are for different bank accounts. Where am I going wrong in my configuration.

Thank you


Hi Patrick

Part payments have not yet been included / addressed in that sheet. This is something that we plan to do however we need to make sure it can be easily understood by the users - how to make a distinction between a full payment and a part payment. How do you see this working? Are you assuming that each invoice line will be paid separately?


HI Neville,

Thank you for your reply. Regarding how part payments would work I would assume that each part payment would be paid against the overall remaining total due. At present I would post multiple individual payments against Invoices which are for the total of all daily cash sales in a Bar/Nite Club. This Bar/Nite Club uses upto 12 Credit Card Machines, accepts Gift Cards and Cash. There is a single invoice for the total daily sales which is split into 3 or 4 Lines and the total of each card machine is entered as a separate receipt against the total invoice. This also applies to the total of Gift Cards and Cash. There can be a larger number of receipts per invoice than the number of lines

Is there currently any time frame regarding when this update may be available.

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Hi Patrick

In this particular case I would look into using the Bank Transactions post template instead of the Invoices - this is readily available and I believe it would address your immediate need even better that part payments. If I am correctly understanding your scenario, there is no need to create Invoices in Xero - you need to create bank transactions as ‘Receive’ as separate lines for each credit card machine, gift cards and cash - there are probably posted against separate bank accounts / accounts accepting payments.

Let me know if this works!


Hi Neville

Thank you for your reply. I will need to create Invoices for each days sales as there are multiple sales types and tax types. None of the payments for a date from each card machine or cash can be accurately broke down into sales types or tax rates which is why I would need to make part payments of different Invoices. Payments are also posted to different bank accounts depending on type.

Thank you


Hi Patrick

I understand… Let me take this to the team as the way part payments are handled in the existing template is assuming that are part payments spread over multiple lines have the same reference and the same account/bank and these are posted together merged as 1 payment.


Hi Neville,

One way to do this would be to have payments posted separately from the invoice (separate template) where each payment is posted against the Invoice reference/number but each payment is posted separately within Xero with different references and/or bank accounts.


Hi Patrick

We will be shortly releasing the ability to have several part-payments posted within the same template. Probably this will be available next week - will keep you informed once it can be used… and how to use it.


Thank you very much. I look forward to using it.


Hi Patrick

Just a quick follow up that this change has been implemented this morning.

The system will allow you to post multiple payments against an invoice. If you have multiple payments, you will need to create an invoice line (you can copy the previous line and put value as 0) for each payment - payments are considered to be different if the combination of reference, date, account and is reconciled is different. That should allow you to post payments as per example you had provided earlier.

Let us know how that goes!


Hi Neville. I’m trying to do the same thing as thestores but I’m not having any success. I cannot get the “Xero Invoices Template v2” to post ANY payments to Xero.

Even if I do a simple invoice in columns A - V and then put the payment information into Columns W - AB, the invoice will upload fine but the payment data I’ve entered is always ignored and no payment is posted regardless of whether it’s a full or partial payment

Specifically regarding your last comment on adding a copy of the prior line with a value of $0. This does not upload the payment data in W - AB either, it just creates a second row on the invoice with a $0 amount and Xero drops the account from the line item since it has a $0 value.


@neville Please get back to me on this ASAP. We’re trying to semi-automate the postings using your file via an integration with Anaplan and so I’m on a timeline here to see if this is going to get resolved.

Thank you,


Hi @GDMG_Hunter

Are you still having issues with the Excel file. I was informed that the tests carried out by the team worked from our end so your Excel posting should work and create the part payments successfully.