Invoice Part Payments

Here’s the scenario I have:

  • Sales invoices are entered directly in Xero (a lot)
  • Initial payment of 80% is received into the bank
  • Second payment of 20% is later received into the bank

These payments hit the bank in one lump sum containing multiple payments from multiple customers. An excel file is then downloaded detailing all of the payments within that one lump sum, including their Xero invoice references.

I want to be able to use the Invoice Template to mark the invoices as paid by the initial 80% and then again the following month with the remaining 20%.

However, when an invoice has a payment allocated to it, DataDear won’t let me post another payment against the partially paid invoice as it can’t edit paid/partially paid invoices.

Is there a way around this? Is there another template I could use to post the invoice payments?

I have tried the Bank Transactions template which would be perfect if I could tell it which invoices the payments relate to, however this doesn’t seem to be a feature.

Effectively I need a way to record debtor payments.

Can anyone shed some light if this is possible please?

EDIT: Looking at the Xero API - I’m definitely looking at the batch payment option:

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Hi @nicoleSllick

The Xero api does not allow payments against partly paid invoices (refer to this article -

When can’t an invoice be updated?

An invoice can’t be updated if:

  • it has been fully paid
  • it has part-payments or credit notes applied to it
  • it is in a locked period

I will check with the team and revert on this one.

I’m not looking to edit the invoice in any way, just looking to apply payments to it.

Can you give me an idea of a timescale for talking to the team regarding bulk payments please?


Hi @nicoleSllick

I would like to confirm that the Batch Payments post template will be available in this month’s release. This template is equivalent of the Batch payment module within Xero - where Invoices can be selected for a batch payment.

Watch out the announcements page for more details.

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