Invoice payments not posting?


This has happened to me twice lately where I’ve posted sales invoices to Xero through DataDear and the invoices have posted fine but the payments have been completely ignored.

Does anyone have any clues as to why this would happen?

Key Points

  • Bank name is picked from the dropped down and linked directly with Xero.
  • Bank account is GBP - only 1 currency in this entity
  • Invoices posted as Approve so they are now in Xero as awaiting payment

Screenshot of spreadsheet payment section:

Hey @nicoleSllick

Can I quickly check that you have the status to ‘Approved’ for these invoices/bills/credit notes? This is required to automate the payment process.

If so, are you able to hit ‘Report Problem’ so our support team and engineers can investigate for you.


Hi Carl,

Yes, that was one of the things I listed as being done in my original post.

I’ve tried again today and it seems to be working ok…