Invoice post & edit template tracking category validation issue

I am trying to post credit notes to Xero using the Invoices & Bills template. I wish to use tracking categories on each credit note. The ones I have set up in Xero are numbers in the format “01”, “02” … “20”.

There are two issues:

  1. The data validation on the DataDear template shows numbers in the format “1”, “2”, … “20”. I fear this may cause an issue when posting to Xero as it is not an exact match (although I haven’t got to this stage - see point 2)

  2. I wish to input these numbers using a formula, however no matter what I try, the validation prevents me from entering these values manually. For example, I can select “14” from the dropdown and it works, but when I type 14 or input a formula who’s output is “14” I get a validation error.

Any ideas ? Thanks.

Hi @aaron.scrupps

Thank you for getting in touch and for using DataDear.

Can I suggest you contact us on I think it would be a more efficient way of looking into this without divulging sensitive information and would allow us to understand the issue further.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


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