Invoice Template giving - the access token error



Hi Neville

Thanks for getting back.

Do you have any idea how we can delete ccy, as we didn’t manage to find this functionality in XERO :expressionless:?

Here is XERO support team answering this request :roll_eyes:


Hi Neville

I guess you don’t have an idea how to solve this? :thinking:


Hi Marija

I have asked some Xero gurus in the team and they don’t think it is possible. Have you tried to contact Xero Central support team?


Yes, their support team is not very supportive:

“As you’ve noticed, it isn’t currently possible to remove or delete a foreign currency that’s been added in your Xero organisation. We appreciate the time you have taken to get in touch, so we will pass this feedback onto the relevant team.”

As Xero has a reputation of not being responsive to these kind of requests, we don’t expect this to be done soon. So we rely on DD to solve this:

As this was not solved with 11th September release, is it reasonable to expect that the next one will fix this bug?


Hi Marija

That is correct - The next release on the 16th October will have a fix for this issue. It has already been approved by the quality team so it’s confirmed.


Hi Neville

Thank you, we will have to manage without DD in the meantime :sweat:.