Is there a template for editing Report Codes?

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Is there a way to bulk edit report codes via a template? I was hoping the chart of accounts template would have this but it doesn’t appear to.

I’m new to DataDear so highly likely I’m missing something obvious.


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Yes this can definitely be done using the Xero Chart of accounts template.


Since this is a Post and Edit template, it lets you retrieve data from Xero then post it back into Xero.

So If you open up the template and choose your organisation, you can then click the Get Data to Edit Button.


Once the Data is retrieved, change the code, and make sure the first column of each line you want to edit are YES.

Then click the Post Online button


Since you are new to DataDear can I suggest you take a look at the training courses we have available together with knowledge base, as there are many articles you might find helpful?

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Thanks David but that is the template I’ve downloaded and there isn’t a field for ReportCode. Chart code - yes, but not the reporting code.

I figured that as the ReportCode is part of the Account data in the API it would be in this report?

Hi @David - just checking if this is what you meant?

Hi @liamgsmith

Thank you for clarifying. I have looked at the Xero API and found that the field can be retrieved but it is not available to be posted back to Xero.

As you can see in the link below ReportCode is not under the PUT list.

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Hi David,

Thanks for that, I assumed it would be available so odd choice from Xero there. Bother - back to the drawing board!


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