Issue with accessing datadear via excel - continued

I’m having issues accessing DataDear. It appears this might be a similar issue to what’s been happening this week (Oops… something went wrong. If the problem persist, please contact support).

Throughout this week, it’s been getting resolved and then the issue happens again. It happened this morning as well but it was resolved (until now).

Anyone else getting this issue?

I have the same issue. Neville keeps responding to prior threads saying the issue is resolved but it is only working intermittently. He closed the prior thread because it was supposedly resolved. I also often get a message saying that they are updating the service when trying to login. This has been happening for me for a few days with only occasionally working properly.

The fact that they keep thinking the issue is resolved when it is not is troubling and seems to imply that they have no idea what the problem is.

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I have the same problem, cant login and data dear keeps disappearing from excel ribbon.
Have to continuously go back and reactivate the Data Dear addin
Continuously get credentials not valid message!!

Good morning,

I uninstalled Excel, and all Datadear software off my laptop and restarted the laptop. I then reinstalled Excel and Datadear, and restarted my laptop. Yay it worked, the Daradear icon was on my toolbar. However, when i logged in it told me my credentials are incorrect!

I changed my password just to make sure, and restarted Excel. Datadear is gone again. This is now beyond a joke!

This is so embarrassing as I have to change board meeting dates because I cannot produce the reports for the Board meeting.

The Datadear icon is back in the ribbon, but I still get the following: …credentials are incorrect!

They are not.

HAHAHAHA spoke to quick… Datadear gone again!.

Same here. I followed the trouble-shooting guide for installation/activation to no avail. DD won’t let me login. I get the “Oops…” error message. Then DD disappeared from the Excel ribbon. I try activating it, deactivating it in the Add-ins set-up. I can get the ribbon back, but still cannot login. I re-installed. Still nothing. Very frustrating.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Incidentally, I noticed that the DD update widget flashes on the screen when I start Excel. this usually only happens when there’s an actual monthly update. It seems as though it’s trying to do something, but no change in the situation. I will contact support and relay anything I learn.

I have exact same issue. Datadear has been showing this issue to us in the last two days. I managed to log in once yesterday but now it failed again…

It worked all morning, and now is gone back exact same thing again

I’ve been emailing support which claims to open a ticket but so far, no communication on the issue except the occasional “the issue is fixed” on the forum.

The partner whom I used to communicate with is no longer at DataDear (per the auto reply to his email).

I was able to use DataDear for excel for several hours today before it, once again, stopped working.

Does anyone have any indication that the company is failing?

I’m having the same issue, but intermittently. Sometimes the Datadear app appears on my ribbon, sometimes not. Sometimes when I add it back to the ribbon, I am able to log in to Datadear and sometimes it gives me that error message that says: image

It seems very inconsistent. Is work being done in the back-end that is contributing to the inconsistency? Or is the update buggy?

Hi all,

Thank you for making us aware of the issue, we are aware of the intermittent problems with DataDear’s availability.

Our engineers have identified the problem and are working on a permanent solution. This is being given top priority as we understand the sensitivity of the problem.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


Hi all,

Our engineers have informed us that the issue is now resolved. Can you kindly close all excel instances and try accessing DataDear again and let us know if you encounter any further issues.

We have been informed that some users have lost the DataDear Tab. Please refer to the article below if this is the case.

Please let us know if you encounter any further issues.

Thankyou for your patience.

Kind regards,


Thanks David,

What exactly was the underlying root cause?

An excel update perhaps?

Thanks for getting this back online as it’s causing some client and internal pain.

Hi @lancerubin

We had unforeseeable technical issues which had an impact on the service for some users.

Thanks again for your patience and apologies once again for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,


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I’m back up this morning. Little to be done, aside from restarting Excel. We’ll see if this holds up over the coming days.

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Hi @rtpredhome

Thank you for the update.

Please let us know should you have any further issues. The issue should be resolved now but we appreciate your feedback.

Thank you all for your patience and for helping us improve DataDear.


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