January 2021 - Product release overview

This first product release of the year focuses on improving the engine and the back end processes. This plan for what’s in store for 2021 has been developed and we look forward to a new transformation of DataDear with:

:white_check_mark: New add-in - lighter and easier to install

:white_check_mark: Enhanced automation

:white_check_mark: Enriching the templates library

:white_check_mark: Better handing of data

:white_check_mark: Plus other surprises which will be revealed during the year

Xero - Batch Payments

Batch Payments was included in DataDear as:

:small_orange_diamond: a data table so it can be used as a data set

:small_orange_diamond: a POST template so batch payments can be uploaded in bulk directly from Excel.


QuickBooks Online - Purchase & Sales Receipt Template


The QuickBooks Online Purchase & Sales Receipt Template has been upgraded to v1.1. The previous version was only working for cash purchases - a new column has been added to the template to cater for other types of payments. The template will need to be upgraded to the new version.

Connect to WorkflowMax

The DataDear connection with WorkflowMax has been authorised by Xero and has been given a new ID - hence any existing connections with WFM will need to be deleted and reconnected from the Excel add-in or from the Dashboard.


In the meantime work on the Xero Practice Manager is progressing and it is expected to be activated within a few days.

Xero Outstanding Reports

These reports have been improved when using the detailed report checkbox in the parameters window now shows the outstanding amount in the:

:small_orange_diamond: Original currency

:small_orange_diamond: Company currency

:small_orange_diamond: Group default currency

Other Improvements

  • POST Templates Some templates were having problems with displaying the column ID.

  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

Performance Improvements

During December the system experienced a significant improvement (up to 40% in some cases) with the time it takes to produce some reports. The work started in December is still ongoing and a new improved system will be introduced in the February release - stay tuned :radio:).

The upgrade will start on the 20th January 7.00am UTC (18.00 AEDT / 20.00 NZDT / 09.00 CEST / 9.00 SAST / 00.00 PDT) and will take no more than 1 hour during which DataDear will be unavailable. The add-in will update automatically once you open Excel after the release is completed.