July 2020 - Product release overview

New Report - Analysing Invoices & Bills

Launching a new report in the Templates Library for better analysis of Invoices and Bills. This is a sample report to show how creating a pivot table connected to a DataDear feed can enrich the data coming from Xero. The report can be downloaded from the Templates Library.

Snip from the report:

Xero - Australia Payroll

Launching a new post & edit template for Xero organisations based in Australia - a simple and fast option to upload and edit timesheets in bulk directly from Excel. This tool is useful for companies having their employees entering timesheets in Excel or in an external system which needs to be imported into Xero.


Improvements - Data Copy

This functionality is still in beta as the team continues to evolve and experiment with more functionality. The data copy is now smarter as it predicts possible failures due to high volume of files/attachments in Xero. Before starting the process DataDear will investigate and suggest options such as reducing the date range or to get a copy of the data without attachments in instances where the volume of files in Xero can reach the limits of the api.

WorkflowMax / Practice Manager

This integration has been upgraded to use the new Xero login process hence it is much easier to connect your WorkflowMax / Practice Manager to DataDear. The previous manual process is no longer necessary and users can now connect their WorkflowMax / Practice Manager directly if they have the necessary access rights. (Head to WorkflowMax > Business > Settings > Staff > Select Name and Assist the API Access Privileges:

Authorisation process:

Template Improvements

Xero Invoices & Bills - this template has been upgraded to allow the Tax Amount to be entered manually instead of having this calculated by Xero. This is particularly useful when migrating data which may have rounding differences.

Xero Bank Transactions - Users have the option of setting the transaction as reconciled (or not) when posting into Xero.

:warning: moving to the new template is recommended but not mandatory.

Xero - Balance Sheet Multiple Period report

The **period as rows** in multiple period reports is a very popular feature in DataDear's reporting functionality - especially useful when building custom reports using Excel's Pivot Charts. This feature has now been added to the Xero Balance Sheet Multiple Period report to further improve the reporting capabilities.

:bulb: The same functionality will shortly be applied to the QuickBooks Multiple Period Reports.

DataDear on Office 365 (now Microsoft 365)

We are very excited :tada: to announce DataDear for Office 365 and Excel Online.

DataDear has been working on this new project for some time and this has now been listed on the Microsoft AppSource - it’s awaiting to be reviewed and approved. Stay tuned for a first preview!

Other Improvements

  • Xero Account Transactions Report - Improved performance and speed to generate the required report.

  • QuickBooks Data Tables - Improved filters and removal of deprecated filters.

  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

The upgrade will start on the 20th July 7.00am UTC (18.00 AEDT / 20.00 NZDT / 09.00 CEST / 9.00 SAST / 00.00 PDT) and will take no more than 2 hours during which DataDear will be unavailable. The add-in will update automatically once you open Excel after the release is completed.