Launching the DataDear 365 Add-In 🤩

:loudspeaker: The long awaited DataDear 365 is finally released in Beta. This version works in Excel for Windows and Excel for Mac and directly within Microsoft Teams.

:information_source: Installing the new add-in is easy - checkout this article to learn about Installing DataDear 365 - How do I install the new DataDear 365 add-in?

The new add-in brings:

A New Look

DataDear is getting a new look, we made away with the toolbar at the top of the screen and have introduced a new streamlines side panel. The panel can be easily dragged and placed anywhere on the screen, it can also be dragged onto a secondary screen allowing user to view more columns. This article will help user familiarise themselves with new DataDear 365 buttons.

Faster reporting

Our team has improved the way DataDear 365 communicates with the accounting software and optimized data handling processes. This results in a smoother and faster experience when users post and retrieve data using data tables, reports or templates.

Cross Platform

Since DataDear 365 is Web App it can work easily on both Windows and MAC as well as Excel online. DataDear 365 is available on the Microsoft App store and can be easily downloaded and installed in a few steps. Click HERE for further instruction on how to go about doing this.

Seamless Deployments and less down time.

DataDear 365 now allows our team to implement updates with minimal disruption to the service. In previous years we would announce when DataDear would be out of service due to updates and improvements, this will be a thing of the past as updates will happen in the background and the update process will be seamless.

Retaining full functionality and backwards compatibility.

DataDear 365 retains all the functionality of it predecessor and all templates, report and data tables can be refreshed with no modification needed.

Try out the new add-in and send us your feedback on or you can create an article in this forum.

Enjoy DataDearing!