Limited historical data

Hi all, I posted this earlier viaco concourse app today but was removed so adding again. Need to respond tomorrow AU time if possible. Query below from potential client.

"I was trialling Data Dear for a multi-currency consolidation.

However it appears that we are limited to 3 years of historical information in the consolidation tool. Could you confirm this?"


Hi Lance,

There was a minor issue and we had to use a backup hence could be why the question needed to be posted again, apologies for the inconvenience.

There is a limit of 36 months per request. Maybe you can create separate sheets, each with 36 months for different periods. This will also be more efficient as most of these periods will not change after period has closed.

Hope this helps!

Hey Lance,

I normally point users in the direction of an expert like yourself when this question pops up! Can build a nice automated parameter so first refresh does up to 36 comparatives, and second up to the same again and so on with dates automated as Clifton has suggested… typically power query to combine tables thereafter.

Will that work for you?


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