May 2020 Product release

Invite DataDear Support

There are instances where you will need someone from the DataDear support team to have a look at a report you created and this action will require access to your organisation. It is now possible to use the dedicated button in the Users page to invite the DataDear Support.

Access rights and permissions to this access can be changed or revoked at any point in time.

New Support Tools

Various measures are being introduced to replace the ticketing system and the knowledge-base:

The new ticketing system kicked off earlier this month - this will allow the support team to have a better toolkit to handle queries and issues. HMRC-related queries now have a dedicated channel on the Community forum - HMRC.

Knowledge-base has moved to a dedicated area in these Forums and any remaining articles will continue to migrated, updated and evolved in the coming days. The new knowledge-base which is planned to be completed within a few days will offer a better experience to someone looking for information.

Sepa Payments

If you handle Sepa payments, this release will better help you create and manage Invoices to be paid and to generate the necessary xml (via a third party software) to submit to your bank. A new report configuration has been added to the already available Sepa Report.

Xero & QuickBooks Online Post Templates

Significant speed improvements in posting and editing templates in bulk. This will allow you to save more time when creating and editing transactions in bulk for Xero and QuickBooks Online templates. We know you'll like this one!

Coming in June ... Login with Xero

The ability to Login with Xero has been developed and will be launched in June together with the new authentication from Xero.

Coming soon... Office 365 (now Microsoft 365)

We are very excited :tada: to announce DataDear for Office 365 and Excel Online.

DataDear has been working on this new project for some time and within a few weeks we will be able to give access to this new add-in to selected groups for feedback. Stay tuned!

Other Improvements

  • Quick Refresh - This quicker refresh option has now been updated and can be used again in this release.

  • Account Transactions - Only show the contact column when ticked in the parameters window.

  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

The upgrade will start on the 13th May 7.00am UTC (18.00 AEDT / 20.00 NZDT / 09.00 CEST / 9.00 SAST / 00.00 PDT) and will take no more than 60 minutes during which DataDear will be unavailable. The add-in will update automatically once you open Excel after the release is completed.