Microsoft Office 365 - .exe file to fix DataDear deployment manifest / location not trusted error?

Hi, the download file supplied with solution to Learn how to enable DataDear when you get a deployment manifest / location not trusted error when using Microsoft Office 365… is not an .exe file, its downloading as an mp3 file. I don’t know how to convert it to run it in DOS - or whatever else I should do with it? Please can I have the .exe file so that I can enable DD in excel? Thanks

Hello @ClareC

I assume you are referring to this article:

When you click on the download link you will get the following screen - you will need to click on the download button circles in yellow as per below:

Hi Neville, it downloads as an mp3 file and I don’t know what to do with it then - I’m not technical enough… Thx

Actually, its downloading as a png. Don’t I need it as an .exe file?

The file needs to be a .reg which updates the registry file.

Hi Neville, I don’t get the option to save it as a .reg file. Its just allowing me to download it as an mp3 file. How do I save it as a .reg file please? Thanks, C

Hi @ClareC

When you click on the Download button it gets downloaded as a .reg. I suspect your computer associates this with mp3 - you will need to right click on the file and try to use the Open With option.

Otherwise we can organise a remote session so someone from the team can do this on your machine.

Hi Neville, I only have the following options - windows media player, quicktime player, firefox, internet explorer, notepad, snagit or windows wordpad. I don’t know what to browse for and I’ve tried to google a solution - it is a known error - but I’m just not technical enough - and right click doesn’t do anything. So, please can we set something up to get this sorted as I’m losing a lot of time not being able to use DataDear. Thanks, Clare

Hurrah! I decided to try MS edge instead of Firefox to access the file and it downloaded it as a .reg file - so DD now working. Phew. Thanks, Clare

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Hello @ClareC

Thank you for the feedback. Seems to be a problem with Firefox browser so we will update the article accordingly.

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