MTD for group accounts



Hi I use Xero to file vat returns but have a group vat company and I wondered if this is something datadear would enable me to file? There doesnt seem to be much concerning group vat and I know it has been delayed until October but would like to consider the options to file group vat (2 companies) Thanks in advance


Hi, thank you for your question.

Yes, we certainly can help with group VAT filing under the UK’s MTDfVAT, we have already successfully completed a couple of returns for group clients that opted into the pilot, ready way ahead of the October deferral period given.

Currently the process would be to complete your record keeping in your Xero organisations (or via combination of DataDear and Xero :slight_smile:) there are a couple of ways of extracting the data required to combine within an Excel workbook, and post directly to HMRC from Excel.

Will make sure there’s plenty of resources available for you ahead of the time, the process is extremely simple.

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Hi Carl

Thanks for advising thats great to hear. Could you please advise if there is a charge for this as I am slightly unclear on the pricing structure



Hi Julie,

Our costs are £4 per month per Xero/QuickBooks Online connection (minimum start of 4 connections, £16 base cost), our HMRC connections are completely free of charge. We have bespoke pricing available if you’re interested in connecting more clients/the whole practice including consultancy and training. If you’d like to learn more please book some time in with me via



Hi Carl

Many thanks for your reply

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