MTD - Group submittions




I use Sage accounts will DataDear work for Group submittions (3 companies) ? How much will it cost? Our VAT number was not set up as a group so we have to start submitting very soon.


Hey, thanks for your question.

You’ll be pleased to know we certainly can meet your requirements, and perhaps even happier that this functionality is completely free of charge!

I actually uploaded a video onto our YouTube page yesterday showing the exact flow for Sage 50 customers, I simply started by extracting a VAT 100 report from Sage to Excel, and the recording shows the rest :slight_smile:

We’re already live so can help you with submissions immediately! We hope you enjoy the tool and pleased we can help with the digital compliance.



Thank you Carl.

I have got so far but now my computer keeps saying “Microsoft Ecxcel is waiting for another applicationto complete am OLE action” what does this mean I can not get passed it.



Could you let know at which point of the process you get this message?


Hi Neville,

Thank you for responding. Actually I looked at and found all the answers I needed. I was trying to map the template and used a VAT code that did not have a return due so it was trying to find it so took a bit longer. It told me afterwards that no data was due. So all good so far.


Great work! Thanks for the update.