MTD - Oops... DataDear has failed to get any data for this query error

Hi, Couple weeks ago , I have created my DataDear account and am logged into the website. I believe I have linked my company with HMRC’s website and have downloaded and installed the .exe application. I have then downloaded the Excel template.
We have just finished the preparation of VAT return and wish use Deardata to submiss the return to HMRC , however, After I downloaded excel worksheet and filled the information needed . Then I selected the “log-in” option within excel, filled the information DataDear heading, but i received the following message :
DateDear has failed to verify and download any possible updates, This could be related to lack of internet connectivity . IF not , please close excel and try again and if the problem persists , please contact support .

In fact our internet connect works fine .

Thanks Lily

Hi @lilyhu

Are you still experiencing this problem?

Thank Neville

We are still having problem to use DATADEAR HRMC MTD .
We have updated the DATADEAR excel add in tools. Unfortunately, it didn’t help us to resolve the issue .

If you can help us .
I have attached the error message FYI . Thanks Lily

Hi @lilyhu

The screen you tried to share did not come across - can you try again please.

Hi Neville

Sorry for reply your message later .
I have re-attached the copied of my screen FYI . Please let me know if you still have problem to view the attachment . Thanks Lily

Hi Neville
Further to the message on 4th Nov 2020.
I have been very lucky to find the link below that contains the solution you have provided to someone who had the same issue as mine.

However it relates to the DATADEAR Version 2.1.13 .

I have forwarded the link to our IT department and was advised by our IT consultant that he doesn’t have the authority to turn off McAfee and have the DATADEAR application to be installed .

I would like to know if current DATADEAR Version is workable with McAfee .
Or any other alternative we can fix the issue .



Hi Lily

There is an option to download the DataDear files manually from the server and extract and replace the files on your computer. (a zip file needs to be downloaded from this location and placed in the %AppData%\Scope SaaS\DataDear\ folder)

Hope that helps!

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