MTD submission problem



I’m trying to submit our VAT return using the Datadear spreadsheet, but keep getting the error from HMRC below:

[G4nhttTgeEGIm3d9deCrkg== - HMRC Ref.: Charge Reference: ] : Error - Net Vat Due should be the difference between the largest and the smallest values among Total Vat Due and Vat Reclaimed (VAT_NET_VALUE)

I can’t see anything wrong with the calculated VAT figure, except that, on this occasion, HMRC owe us, rather than the other way around. Box 5 shows a positive figure, rather than a negative one - is this the source of the problem?


Hi - we have not experienced this problem before so we would love to investigate this further. Can you please send your workbook to so we can have a look at the numbers. We need to determine if the message is coming from HMRC or from DataDear.

Thank you!