MTD VAT Return - 1st quarter succeeds, 2nd quarter fails

Hi DataDear,

I used DataDear’s free Excel add-in to comply with HMRC’s MTD requirements for the first time this July (2021). This Excel add-in worked perfectly - thanks DataDear!

However, for my 2nd VAT return, though DataDear submitted my figures to HMRC (later checked ok by logging into HMRC separately) DataDear didn’t populate a new Excel sheet with the submission details and HMRC confirmation.

The DataDear Community suggests that similar problems have occurred due to faulty HMRC responses, and that I should be able to find my submission details in one of DataDear’s data tables; but is that table available in the Excel add-in, and if so, where do I find it, please?

Also, how can I avoid this issue in future, and is it possible to get a proper submission details / HMRC confirmation sheet generated for the failed quarter please? Hoping to hear - many thanks, Mark