MTD VAT Return DataDear destroyed itself

I just used DataDear for my second VAT return. It submitted ok but the copy VAT return was not populated. I checked on the HMRC site and HMRC received it fine.
So I tried to create a report and DataDear spent about 10 minutes doing whatever and Excel locked up. When I restarted it the DataDear add-in was gone. I have worked through reinstalling it, it updates itself but it fails every time to show.
I am really concerned as the next return has to be done while I will be away so have to do it on my laptop with very limited internet access.
Please don’t tell me it has destroyed Excel as reinstalling it is a pain and causes all sorts of problems with very complex spreadsheets that I use all the time.
Is DataDear really as flakey as this?
I am using Office Professional Plus 2013 32 bit on 64bit Windows-10

Hi @StevenJay

Have a look at this article as probably you disabled the add-in when the Excel locked up.

As I said, I have tried to re-enable the add in as described in the help files. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the add in but although I can see it and enable it it just will not reappear in tool bar. Something in the DataDear add in I fear has damaged Excel. If I spend the time reinstalling Excel and getting it working as I need it on a daily basis, I fear that next time I use the DataDear add in it will just do the same thing. Am I the only one that has hod this happen?

Hi @StevenJay

Are you sure you have carried out the steps outlined in the article I shared - the way you describe the problem is usually due to the add-in being disabled.

btw an add-in can never damage Excel - no need to worry about this.