MTD VAT return errors



This is only the second time that I have submitted a VAT return using DataDear. 1st time worked fine. This time, I used “Post Online” button, it asked me to confirm which I did (pressed OK). The busy wheel spun briefly and then went away as if nothing had happened - no confirmation of anything done and no new tab created. I tried to Post again and I got an error that I was submitting a duplicate. Looking on HMRC site, the return has submitted.
What happened that I got no confirmation from DataDear and no new tab created?


Hi @ginga - I am sorry to hear about the problem - somehow the message returned by HMRC was not received or there was an error and DataDear was not able of showing the ‘receipt’ - You can get the details submitted to HMRC by looking at the Returns data table within DataDear - this data comes directly from HMRC. I would recommend you carry out this task to ensure all numbers were submitted successfully.


I had the same issue - the submission shows up on the HMRC website, but no return sheet into my spreadsheet…


Hi - thank you for your message. Have you checked the Returns data table within DataDear?