Multi P&L Budgets for tracking items

Hi there,
When I run the Multi P&L (New), select a month, and department tracking option using the first tracking box, and include budgets, the budget that is pulled down is for the full entity, rather than the budget for the tracking department.

So it producers a report showing actuals for the tracking department, verse a budget for the full entity ?

How can I get the budget for just the department tracking item selected in the tracking option ?


Hi @bradw

I can confirm this behaviour as the Xero api does not send the budget by tracking so DataDear is unable to split the budget irrespective of what is chosen in the filters. We recommend the budget to be used across the full organisation.

More details about the Xero Budget api can be found here.

Just to add, the great team at Xero are currently working on their budgets API, hopefully this means we will soon be able to retrieve all budget data along with posting/updating. Will keep this article up to date once this is available.

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