Multiple companies Consolidated P&L

Hi all,

Can you please advise if I can run Consolidated reports for multiple companies where I can see each company as a separate column and then total?


Hi Max

You knocked on the right door! DataDear is capable of generating consolidated reporting for a group of companies. In fact we have several large groups using DataDear for consolidation purposes.

After you connect the companies / organisations to DataDear, you can create a DataDear group in a chosen base currency. You can then generate a set of multi-period management reports in the base currency. Reports include the Trial Balance, the Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss (including tracking categories for the group).

I suggest you have a look at the following articles for further assistance:

Eliminations - we suggest to use a separate ledger Xero or QuickBooks Online company where all company activities and adjustments are processed. Adding this company to DataDear in the same group would then allow you to consolidate and take into account all types of eliminations. DataDear can also help with posting of these journals via the journals template which is available in the templates library.

You may also wish to have a look at the newly launched P&L report template which allows you to drill-down / slice into the P&L per organisation, tracking or account code. After you create the group, open the template, change the periods, refresh and enjoy the pivot table.

It is highly recommended to take advantage of the 30-day free trial and have a look at these reports. If you need further assistance or you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact us again.