My Journal Entries are not posting to Quickbooks. 🙂



Hi all! I am new to DataDear, and have been testing it out. When I post JE’s to Quickbooks, nothing shows up in the General Ledger even when I adjust to all dates. I filled in all the mandatory fields and also tried saving the workbook before posting. Anyone else run into this problem, or know a fix?

P.S. I am able to post JE’s to Xero just fine.



Do you get a DataDear confirmation on screen that the Journal Entry have been posted? From your description I suspect that the lines are not being created and if there is no error message then we will need to investigate further.


Hi @neville,
Thank you for your reply! I am not getting any lines, and the popup is not even showing up. No error Message either. I just hit post: It notifies me that this will modify the table Manual Journals, I hit OK, and that is all.


Hi … thank you for providing more details about this problem. Your description typically means that there is an error which is not being handled by DataDear. Can you please try again and then use the Report Issue button on the DataDear Excel toolbar. This will help isss get the necessary details to troubleshoot and provide further details.


Thanks! I posted a Report Issue, and thought that I would also include a screenshot of the popup that I am getting.
When I click Yes, the popup disappears, but nothing happens in Quickbooks online.


Hi @ProfitCoach - we will provide more feedback once the case has been reviewed by the technical team.


@neville, Thank you so much!


@neville Any updates on this issue?