New Release: December 2019



The last release of the year on the 11th December brings together major stability and improvements to existing functionality. In the meantime the product team is preparing the platform for several other QuickBooks Online POST templates to be launched early next year.

Xero: Account Transactions Report

Major speed improvements to the Xero Account Transactions report - also guiding the user on the difference between the first download and subsequent append functionality. This report can be used to virtually build any report and visuals using the power of Excel, power query and Power BI.


Xero: Introducing GET Quotes data table

Xero has just introduced the Quotes data table to their api and this was given priority and is already part of the DataDear data tables.

Once the ability to create quotes will be made available by Xero, this will also be included as a DataDear template so quotes can be created and edited directly from an Excel workbook.

DataDear API

Several improvements to the DataDear API. It is now easier to use the api to connect an application to DataDear ([](

Xero VAT Reporting

Second phase of the project is ready to launch with more interest from firms based in Malta.

Initial studies on extending this functionality for other countries are ongoing. Contact your Xero account manager or DataDear support team to learn more on how more countries can benefit from this functionality.

Coming Soon

QuickBooks Online - ability to POST and EDIT vendors and customers from the same DataDear template. Will be launched early next year! Other QuickBooks Online templates are also being developed.


Other Improvements

  • Data Backup/Copy - major improvements related to the way attachments were included in the data copy. Functionality is still in beta until the end of the year.

  • Xero UK Payroll - After a number of successful connections, the UK Payroll GET data tables and reports are no longer in beta. POSTing timesheets in the UK Payroll is also available to everyone.

  • Various bug fixes and performance updates.

The upgrade will start at 7.30am UTC (18.30 AEDT / 20.30 NZDT / 08.30 CET / 9.30 SAST / 23.30 PST) and will take no more than 60 minutes during which DataDear will be unavailable. The add-in will update automatically once you open Excel after the release is completed.





Amazing work team! :rocket::bar_chart::chart_with_upwards_trend: