Newbie here - cant get authorized

Hi - I cant seem to connect properly. I’ve registered for MTD and given authority to DataDear to use my info etc. When I log in to the DD plug-in / spread sheet and click on me as the organization I get the message

Oops … There has been an unexpected error returned from HMRC. Detailed message from HMRC: - The client and/or agent is not authorised.

The VRN is showing but no “VAT Period to be submitted (these are provided by HMRC)” in the auto populated field.

Hi @gavinconway

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Can you double check your VRN number is written correctly in DataDear and there are no space or other characters, Unless HMRC provides the VAT Period, then you will not be able to proceed with the submission. Sometimes this happens due to an incorrectly written VRN.

Hi - thanks for the reply. All this is good and correct on the system. I logged into my HMRC tax portal and got a message saying there is a system error since 3 Nov and they’re working on it so looks like its an HMRC problem. I’ll wait and phone them Monday. My VAT should be in today but not too worried as I’m always in a refund vat situation as 99 % of my stuff is no vat so no penalties can be imposed. (well according to their website!!!)