No attachments from Data copy extract




did copy data for one of our clients but I don’t see attachments.


Hi Goms

Once you receive the link to download the data copy, the zip file will contain an excel file and a folder with all the attachments:

Can you confirm if you are seeing the Attachments folder as per above?


I only get the data_copy excel workbook.

I will test again and see what comes up.


Hi Goms

The data copy has been significantly improved in the previous week’s release so I suggest you let us know if that works - otherwise we can check with your organisation if if can provide access to the support team.


it didnt work


It would be better if you could provide access to the Xero organisation since the problem seems related to this specific organisation. If you agree, kindly invite from within Xero as follows:

  1. Login to Xero
  2. Visit the User page under the Settings Tab
  3. Click on Invite a User and enter the email
  4. Select Business and accounting > Standard
  5. Choose the Send Invite

Let us know if you experience any problems to send out the invite.


Hi Goms,

I have noticed that your account listed as a user with limited rights (read only).

  1. Is the account owner able to download the data copy including attachments?
  2. Do you have read rights on all tables and reports? This is something the account owner would need to check/enable.

Let me know how it goes!