No reference ID found

I keep getting this error although the invoices in question don’t already exist on Xero and everything in the upload file is correct. Please help

Hi @Paul007,

Can you please send us a screen shot of the template you are using so we can better undestand what might be going wrong?



Hi @Paul007

The message shown in your post is sent by Xero when DataDear is trying to post the Invoices. I was unable to replicate this behaviour in my test account so would it be possible to attach the Excel file with the invoices to this post so we can check your template (you may change values to 1).

At this stage I can propose:

  1. Try using a new (clean template) and see if that works
  2. Alternatively try to change the Invoice number and Customer Invoice Ref and see if that helps

Can’t upload attachment here, replied on email