Oops... a VRN was not found for this account

Hi, I keep getting this error message when trying to refresh, to get my vat period: :

Oops… a VRN was not found for this account.
Please use the Add > HMRC Direct button in the DataDear toolbar to reconnect DataDear with HMRC.
The VRN needs to be entered at this stage.

I have tried several times now to use the ‘Add > HMRC Direct button in the DataDear toolbar to reconnect DataDear with HMRC’, resulting in 4-5 ‘organisations’, none of them are working.

Where the VRN is supposed to be, i can only see ‘HMRC - and my name.’
I’ve also tried to enter the VRN number myself, but still not able to retreive my VAT period or post online to HMRC

It is my 3rd vat return using MTD so our registration etc.should be Ok

Any suggestions on how to solve this ?

Hi Christine

Thank you for asking about this. Indeed I can confirm that the process when triggered directly from the Excel toolbar is not correct and the engineers are working on it to have it be fixed shortly. I kindly ask you to carry out the following steps in the meantime:

Step 1
From the DataDear toolbar in Excel, click on View > DataDear - Web Dashboard - This will open the Online Web Dashboard (Please ensure you open this within Chrome browser)

Step 2
Click on the Organisations menu item and then select ‘Connect to HMRC’ button

Step 3

A window will open where you need t enter a name and the VRN number


Hope that helps!


I am following the process as explained and after clicking on grant authority I get the error “The was an error trying to connect to Xero. Please try again.”

Could you please advise?


Hi Miguel

Assuming you followed the steps to register with HMRC, then please try again as the error is coming from HMRC. Currently HMRC are experiencing several problems with their api and several users across the UKare unable to complete this process.

Hi Neville,

Thanks for your quick response.

I have tried to connect to HMRC multiple times using your detailed process and I keep getting the same error relating to Xero “The was an error trying to connect to Xero. Please try again.” This is somehow strange as I am not doing anything with Xero.

I have no issues adding an organisation using the Add / HMRC direct… option in the DataDear tab in Excel. In this case the message I get is “The organisation has been connected successfully”. However, when I click on refresh in Excel I get the error “Oops… We could not find any Outstanding period for this Vat Registration".

I have contacted HMRC and they tell me that everything is fine on their side and that it must be a software problem as my November submission is overdue but open for submission.

Kind regards,

Update: Instead of the Xero error I now get a the following error when I follow your process:
“Oops…The was an error to establish a connection. Please try again and if the problem persist contact the support team.”

Hi Neville, thank you, it did help. I finally managed to submit my VAT return, after following steps 2 and 3, using a chrome browser! - it didn’t work with my standard Explorer browser :wink:

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Can you try again to refresh the sheet and check the error returned by HMRC? There is no need to reconnect the VRN if this is saved properly within DataDear.

I have finally been able to submit my return.
Thank you to you Neville and the engineers for fixing the issues reported.

I have identified a new issue though. After posting and confirming the submission, the new sheet with the HMRC return confirmation has not been created. I have tried to post and confirm again and I get an error essentially saying that the return had already been submitted. I have checked the audit trail in Data Dear and can see that there is one submission today with status “successfully processed” and a second submission with reference null - null and a red cross in the status field. So I suppose that everything went right apart from the automated creation of the new Excel sheet with the confirmation

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Hi Miguel,

Thank you for confirming, glad you managed.

You may get a copy of the data submitted for a particular period by using the VAT Returns report available in the DataDear toolbar.

More information on the reports available and how to use them may be found in the following article;

Hope this helps!

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Great, thanks a lot Clifton

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