Oops....DearData has failed to verify and download any possible updates

Help…I get the message
Oops…DearData has failed to verify and download any possible updates. This could be related to lak of internet connectivity.
If not, please close Excel and try again and if the problem persists, please contact support.

Tries everything, turn off firewall, rebooted,…

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We have also got this message this morning, also can’t log into DataDear on the website.

Is DataDear down and when it is expected to be back up?

Same here. Looks like a major issue. Had problems with report queries not working as expected before but never had the website be unavailable.

We also have the same message. I removed the add on from Excel but now I can’t log in to the actual Data Dear website to download again. Part of their site must be down (again)

We have also received this notification this morning, and it takes a significant amount of time for excel to boot up as it is obviously trying to connect the app. Also can’t access website.

Looking forward to hearing an update from datadear.

I have the same issue. This is very frustrating. Last month we had a few days of system nonavailability. Datadear is definitely causing some stability issues in Excel. What is more frustrating is that Neville ( support@datadear.com) can at least notify us of the issue, rather than us struggling for hours to get it fixed. They surely have all our emails in a client file!!!

It is also not helpful that a similar solution, used a few years ago, no longer works, and is still available as solution on the forum. What a waste of time!

I resigned ourselves to that fact it would probably be most of the day (NZ time) before the issue was resolved as DataDear is based in Malta/UK and don’t work 24/7 (based on previous response time to queries and their main target market is the UK), so they are likely to pick this up first thing in the morning their time.
Yes this is incredibly frustrating and really bad timing for us with year end reporting we need to get done and have an impeding deadline for…

I am also getting the same message

It is quite a disaster. Our business grinds to a halt because we rely so heavily on the datadear integration for invoicing.

Seems to be a month end problem. Capacity issues maybe. Crashes during busiest times?


Thank you for reporting this problem.

This is not related to performance or capacity and seems to be coming from the hosting side. Further investigations are ongoing.

Kindly refer to this announcement on progress related to this problem.

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