Oops ... There has been an unexpected error returned from HMRC. Detailed message from HMRC:



Error message " Oops … There has been an unexpected error returned from HMRC. Detailed message from HMRC: - “The Provided VM is invalid”

I have reviewed the similar posts in relation to this Error, but the instructions do not work for me.

I have download and installed the latest version of the the DataDear Excel addin, also downloaded the latest template.

I go to post my return and the VRN number is replacing my VAT number with “HMRC-COLLING John”.

I have tried to update my Organisation Name on my account in https://apps.datadear.com/myaccount/detail as per other instructions, however I get the following.

Click on Connect to HMRC and it takes me to the following url
https://www.tax.service.gov.uk/oauth/start?auth_id=“xxxxxxxxxx” - (replaced key with xxxx)

Click on edit to manage your organisations and a get a Page 404 error.

Any idea’s on what to try next or how to fix.



Hi John

Please delete your HMRC organisation from within DataDear and repeat the same process. Without DataDear knowing the VAT number, it will not be able to process your request.


Hi Neville, If I delete my organisation from within DataDear what will happen to my audit trail, can this not be changed at the database level your side in this instance or can you give ensurance that the audit information will be available.

I don’t know why I can not edit my organisation details?



Hi John

Have you tried the steps documented in this post?


Hi Neville

Yes tried this but, I get a different message than what appears per the instructions on this thread as I tried this before posting the query.

So I don’t know what happens to the audit trail if I delete the organisation as per the your comments above, hence I am very reluctant to do so as this forms part of the VAT control process for our auditors.



Hi Neville,

Found the issue and my solution.

With regards to your message follow the instructions, this didn’t work for me due the “Internet Browser” that I was using. I switched to Chrome and then I could follow the instruction in Re applying for the HMRC connection.

Once I did this this; this process then created an new organisation in the dashboard “https://apps.datadear.com/myaccount/detail
with the Name as our VAT registration number and the Friendly name with the Company Name.

I was able to keep the old organisation details ,which I need to keep for the audit trail for prior submissions.

In the Excel Template I then typed in my “Friendly Name” in the “Your VRN will be displayed automatically on choosing this from the toolbar GB” hit refresh and then this worked for me for the submission.

Hope that helps anyone else who has this issue.

Thank you


Hi John

Thank you for sharing this feedback - I am sure other users will find this useful!