Organisation - randomly need to be re-connected



I have recently started using DataDear and one thing I have now have happened to be me a few times is that organisations (Xero) need to be reconnected. I have now had a group which needs to be re-connected.

I was using it fine 5 minutes before had and then went to run another report and it told me it needed to be re-connected.

  • How do I re-connect a consolidated group?

  • Why does this keep happening? Am I doing something wrong?



Hi Merryn

Does the message indicate the name of the organisation that needs to be reconnected? If yes then you can try to run a data table for this company to see if it has been disconnected.


Hi Neville,

its not an organisation but the whole consolidated group that the message is telling me needs to be reconnected. It is still in my list of organisations so I don’t know how I reconnect it?

I have also had it do it for an organisation but I’m confused as to why an organisation gets disconnected even though I haven’t disconnected it - why does that randomly happen?



two hours later I have worked out that three of the organisations in the consolidated group have had their access revoked, tried several times to reconnect them but they won’t connect.


  1. Why are organisations access be revoked? I haven’t touched anything to revoke the access
  2. How can I get this sorted quickly if it happens in the future?
    My team runs reports on the consolidated group (24 organisations) which are time sensitive and have very fixed deadlines to the client - they don’t have two hours to waste trying to work out why they can’t run the reports



This message is triggered when the handshake between Xero and DataDear is no longer valid - this could be due to a number of technical reasons but luckily this connection can be easily restored by the account owner with a few clicks - by reconnecting the organisation indicated in the error message.

From the DataDear toolbar in Excel, please click on the Add Organisation > Xero/QuickBooks Organisation and follow the instructions on screen. You may also reconnect the organisation from the online DataDear Dashboard.

More details on how to connect an organisation can be found on this page

Let us know how that goes! If problem persists, please let us know so we can investigate this case.