P&L Budget foreign currency translation issue

Hi there, I’m testing out datadear for reporting purposes and wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing issues with the reported budget numbers within a multi-currency group?

I have 2 different currencies for my group. When I run a multi-period P&L it looks like everything is translated correctly for the “Actual” figures, but the “Budget” figures do not get translated (they remain in their base currency).

When I check the box/option for “Periods as rows” that particular report works with the Budget showing both base currency and reporting currency. However, when in standard report without that option selected, the Budget shows as the “reporting” currency but is actually just taking the base currency number without any conversion.

Is this a bug? Or am I just missing something?


Hi @JL21

Thanks for getting in touch. We are currently deploying a new version of DataDear as we do every month.

Can you please try this again once the updates has finished?

Thanks and kind regards,


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