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Hi there, I’m using Xero and have created a P&L report in Xero which shows the YTD per tracking category, we have around 20 departments so the number of columns is quite a lot (20). I use this report to export from Xero into excel which has other data in and looks up different values on the Xero imported report to report on. Obviously any changes then made in Xero I need to re download the P&L report. I’m looking to replicate this report from data dear but can’t seem to amend the P&L report to provide compare by tracking category. Am I missing something? THanks

Hi @Chris,

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At first glance I would suggest you use the Profit and Loss - Multiple Periods {new} report and make sure to tick “Periods as rows” before clicking New Sheet or Current sheet.

This report together with the use of Pivot tables will give you the results you are looking for.

Could you share some screenshots of the report you are trying to recreate so we can get a clearer picture of what you are trying to achieve?

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Thanks David, yes that works perfect. The Xero report has the tracking categories as columns so the GL is only on one row, whereas your report has multiple rows per GL to show the balance for each tracking category, but provides the data I need, so thank you!!!


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