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It seems that it is not possible to download any Payroll Data, can someone confirm this is correct?. I have attempted to download Employees data but that come up with the error “Ooops…no rows were received using the current connection”

Is it not possible download any Payroll or Employee Data?

Hi @j.hayes-db

This morning there was a new DataDear release which moved to a new Xero api and this problem might have been resolved. Can you check again and let us know if you are still experiencing problems?

Very Interested if the AU Payroll API can be utilised through datadear. @j.hayes-db @Neville can you confirm if this was opened up in the June release or if it was only a transition to Oauth 2.0?

Hi @Steven

The AU Payroll was deployed in the July release which happened yesterday.

You may read more about the release in the following article

In regards to the AU Payroll, you may download the template from the dashboard

Make sure to find AU Payroll;


Further Notes can be found once you download the template.
Should you need further assistance do let us know!

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