Pivot tables can be refreshed?

I need a report which is not available in the list of reports when I’m logged in. I also looked at the library of templates which has no reports on Invoices.

If I connect a few tables in a pivot table I should be able to get what I need. Is this something that can be done with datadear and would it work with a refresh?

Hi @chaccs

Spot on , this is what we recommend here at DataDear when it comes to creating reports. Pivot tables can be built on top of the data tables or possibly a Power Query can be extremely useful when it comes to merging, filtering and changing data to create the required report.

Once the report is created and saved, going forward you need to open the report and use the DataDear refresh option to update your model with the latest data from the accounting software.

Hope that helps!

Do you have any examples I can follow to do this report with pivot tables?

The power query looks interesting - we have no immediate need for this but I will be playing with this as was not aware of how excel can automate tasks to convert data :blush: .

Hi @chaccs

Yes there is a good example you can follow in the DataDear Templates Library. The Smart Profit & Loss for Xero report builds a pivot table on top of the Profit and Loss - Multiple Period report and contains slicers, drill-down etc… Have a look and see if you need any help. We also have a community of DataDear Experts who are willing to help should you prefer having someone build the report for you.

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That report is a good starting point for us. Thank you

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