PL by Class for Qbooks

I would like to understand how to pull P&L Report which shows Class for Quickbooks. I used the template library ‚ÄúSmart PL with Slicers‚ÄĚ but the class column shows blank in the report. Please can you advise?

Note: The Smart PL with Tracking Categories works fine for Xero.


Hi @pippa

Thank you for getting in touch.

The Quickbooks API does not allow us to pull through Class without it being identified. Users can choose the class they want to pull through and this will pull through the P/L for the particular Class chosen.

However if a class is not chosen it will pull through the entire P/L without populating the class column.

We understand that this affectively makes the Pivot table toggle redundant, however this can be changed by the user.

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