POST Tracking Categories not working

Used the Tracking Categories template earlier today for a list of about 70 different categories. Trialled it with just a few and they posted fine. I then tried posting the remaining categories and only 25 posted.

I’ve tried redownloading the template and posting again but nothing moves. Is there a cap on the number of tracking categories you can post per day?

Hey @nicoleSllick,

As far as I’m aware the hard limit is 500 tracking categories, Xero only recommends a maximum of 100 still due to performance. I’ve just had a quick test and created 150 new categories in one go.

Within the DataDear web dashboard besides the organisation in question we surface the API calls used within 24 hours, if you had been performing a lot of other requests on this client you may have hit this (refreshes every 24 hours). Have only ever seen this twice and hit it once myself, but I know you are an upload machine so could be worth checking :rocket::blush:

Hope you’re well anyway! Please reach out to support if this issue remains.


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