Posting of bills to Xero



Hi all,

I posted a number of bills from DD to Xero to be saved as draft. I realised that there was an error in reference for all the posted bills. However, when I then deleted the draft bills from Xero and try posting it again using DD, it keeps giving an error message saying that the bills already exist in Xero.

Please note that I used the same DD template to edit the posted bills and did not touch the last column AC “Xero Edit ID”. Am I doing anything incorrect here?


Hi Sean

The last Column containing the Xero ID would need to be removed when posting new transactions as otherwise Xero will try to look for that transaction (which has been deleted hence does not exist) and give an error. A couple of points:

  1. The transactions could have been voided directly from the DataDear template as there is an option to delete invoices or bills
  2. Since you cannot delete column AC, you can use the Clear Sheet button in the DataDear toolbar
  3. You can otherwise start from a clean template and copy the transactions over if it was a matter of copy and paste
  4. The same workbook also gives you the option to amend transactions - so perhaps instead of recreating, a simple edit could have done the trick :slight_smile: