Power Pivot - Import data straight into power pivot instead of creating excel tables in order to reduce size of excel spreadsheet

:space_invader: What is the problem you need to solve? Importing details into Power Pivot instead of excel tables

What accounting software are you using? Xero


Thanks for using DataDear and for getting in touch.

Can you please clarify further, what is the use case for your request?



Hello David,

I came across Data Dear through a referral, who asked me to check you out online,

I am looking to connect the data tables in my xero to my power bi desktop through your app, to carry out some advanced analysis,

Could your app enable me to connect to xero data tables through Powerbi?

If so, please can you send me a guidance note or please have a call with me to talk me through it please,

Thank you


Hi @andrew ,

Currently, we only have our Excel add-in available. You can connect Excel files or push data straight into Power BI super easily however we are looking to put a power BI connector in the market next year :slight_smile:



Hi Andrew,

I may be able to be of help here. as David has said Datadear is currently available as an Excel add-in, I have created solutions whereby your Datadear tables are saved in one Excel workbook this workbook is then queried using PowerQuery in Power Bi. As long as Power Bi knows where the Excel workbook is stored (either local or cloud) then I’ve found this solution works pretty flawlessly.



Hello Tim,

Thank you for that insight, very helpful,

Best wishes

Hi David,

Thank you for that,

Best wishes

No problems Andrew happy to share how this works if it is of interest to you?

Dear Tim,

That would be really great, if you don’t mind,

Thank you so much,

Just let me know when you are free,

Best wishes