PowerBI, PowerApps and DataDear

We are going to develop integration with PowerBI and PowerApps with DataDear

Do you have any specific visualisations that would be worth developing?

We have some ideas of our own, but wanted to see if anyone in the community has a specific need for visualising transaction level data or higher level even.


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@Carl would it be possible to get read only access to DD Xero test client with multi entities so I can develop on that data set?

Just connected my own firm to PowerBI via DD spreadsheet (SmartPL) and noticed a few issues with my tracking data coding and account code selection. It just jumped out visually…so useful. Will be great to apply this to the demo DD client.

Hi Lance - are the issues related to the presentation of the data in DataDear or in Xero?

There are no issues outside Xero, its a bookkeeping error. The other “issue” is its our company data and dont want to share it publically. If we are able to access a demo multi entity Xero setup then should be able to develop and share pretty cool vis in PBI.

Glad DataDear helped you find those errors :star_struck:

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