Preset filters are blank?

Hi - I just started using datadear with QBO. When creating a report in the add-in…the preset filters dropdown is blank. I would really like to omit Non Zero accounts from some reports…how can I do this?


Hi Matt

Welcome to DataDear.

There are some data tables which contain values but generally these are designed for you to save your own presets. So once you identify a filter/filters to use, these can be saved - more details in this article about presets.

On this point, have you considered using Excel filters?

Filter > Value > does not equal > 0

Thanks for replying…how about this issue below?

The report populates in excel but does NOT include the open balance. Column R populates with the vendor bill amount and then column R has memo where as the next column in QBs would be the open balance. I need to get the open balance…how can I do this?