Problem logging onto Datadear website and using the new 365 add-in

This morning while trying to logging onto DataDear website I get message about expired security ceritifcate. So this needs to be fixed.

I usually have datadear excel add-in for HMRC added but this morning when I opened Excel, I got message about failure to load with possible reason of internet unavailability. I noticed the new 365 add-in available so installed that. When I try to activiate the add-in from Add-in tab, I get a message that “Content is blocked because it isn’t signed by a valid security ceritifcate”.
Please look into this and fix it so that I can use the add-in to complete my VAT return.


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I came into work early this morning and have struck the same problem.
Can’t log into the website because of the error you described, and I can’t use the Excel Add-in either.
I have tried the old one and the new one… hopefully the support team can get onto this quickly.

Hi @Nana2879 @JamesA

Thank you for getting in touch.

The issue has been identified and rectified, can you kindly try again and let us know if you experience any further issue?

Kind regards,