Problems connecting to HMRC

Hi I get the following error when trying to connect to HMRC have already connected through data dear and deleted it and reconected again but the problem still occurs.
Oops … There has been an unexpected error returned from HMRC. Please try again later and if the problem persists, please click the Report Problem icon in the DataDear toolbar so we can investigate.
Error code 0 - Organisation: Andrew Bottomley Ltd

Hi Jacky

I would suggest you try again later as the message suggests.

Hi Neville

Have tried everyday for the past two weeks and still the same error message.

Then I would suggest you delete the company from within the DataDear Dashboard, then add the link again. Also please sure you are listed and registered with HMRC to use this service.

HI Neville

I have deleted the company and added the link again and we are registered with HMRC to use this service. Still get the same error message.



Hi Jacky

Please follow instructions in this article for the exact steps to reconnect the HMRC to DataDear

HI Neville

I have signed up with HMRC

Sign up complete

Dear Customer

You’ve signed up to use software to submit your VAT Returns.

What happens next

  1. Choose relevant third party software.
  2. Allow your software to submit VAT Returns to HMRC. You might need to sign in with your Government Gateway details.
  3. Use software to record your sales and purchases.
  4. Submit your VAT Returns before your deadlines.

From HMRC Digital

I have reconnected the HMRC to data dear and still get the same error message.


Hi Jacky,

Can you confirm you have an open period to submit?

You may use DataDear reports to check. More info in this article:

After many successful MTD VAT returns in the past using DataDear, I have now the exact type of problem as OP described in this thread.
I have tried every suggested action:
-disabled/enabled the excel add-in
-uninstalled/installed the add-in
-deleted/added again and relinked the company from within the DataDear Dashboard
-made sure we have the HMRC connection enabled
-made sure we have open period to submit

Can someone help with this error?


Hi All

I too have the exact problem and tried all possible actions as Andrei but still cannot resolve the issue. Can datadear or anyone else help.

Many thanks

My problem resolved - by itself !

Hi @Rajamin

Glad that worked!

It is very likely that HMRC were having some problems and DataDear could not connect to their API.

Same problem. Is the answer just to wait and it will resolve itself?