Problems with using office 2000 and running datadear



I need to submit 3 clients V.A.T. Returns. They are signed up to my services account and I have authorised DATADEAR to act.

I have activated my data dear account but I have not got a datadear tab on the toolbar.

I am running Windows 10 with Office 2000, because my files will not convert and run properly.

I do not know how to install DATADEAR software in Office online,

How can I fix this please?



Hi Lesley

DataDear does not work with Excel 2000 - please refer to this article


I have read so many articles.

All I need is the URL to load the add in into Excel online instead of loading the add in to my C:.

Any help would be gratefully received.

Kind regards,



Hi Lesley

I think you might have misread my article as DataDear only works on the desktop Excel on the versions indicated in that article.

Hope that helps!


Hi Neville,

I know that. I do not know how to get the software online, when the set up file downloads onto my C:.

How do I install the program into Excel Online, please? What is the URL, please?




Hi Lesley,

Further to what my colleague said, DataDear does not work on the Excel Online version so there isn’t a URL for this, it only works on the Excel desktop version.

Hope this helps!