Profit and loss report using Periods as rows

We are pulling reports using Datadear in excel for a company in Xero.
Im pulling the profit and loss report

using the parameters in the screenshot. We have to use those parameters as reporting has been built on the output.
we currently do this for 51 companies and only have an issue with this one company. In this company there are about 4000 transaction per month (so more than the other companies). when I try pull the data I get the usual “Waiting for OLE…” screenshot. Then after waiting for between 20 mins to 4 hours i click the Ok button on the “OLE microsoft popup” and then keep getting this error regarding the access token: “Oops the access token for this organisation has not been authorised or has been revoked…”

We have reset the access token multiple times and i can pull any other report in datadear for this organisation, just not this report for the P&L so i know that the access token is connecting.

What else can I try as if i cant get this fixed we will be forced to move to a different provider for all 51 companies.

Thanks in advance

Hi @mark

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to learn of your troubles.

Can we jump on a call to investigate this issue further please? You can book straight in via