Purchase Orders




We have large amounts of inventory and need to import Purchase Orders into Xero, or even pull all the data in one go into the PO. It is very time consuming to add one row at at time and Xero does not offer bulk import - is this something Datadear can help us with?


Hi mannic

DataDear can help you with both the downloading and uploading of purchase orders in bulk. The GET purchase orders is a standard DataDear data table which allows you to use filters and download the required POs. To import into Xero, you would need to use the Purchase Order template and follow the instructions.

You can find a snippet of the POs screen here https://www.datadear.com/datadear-purchase-orders/


Hi - thank you for the reply. This seems to address what we are looking for. Do you have any more information about this functionality? Would it be possible to see this working before we commit?