QBO Journal Entries Template


I have downloaded v1.1 template for QBO Journal Entries, and it doesn’t get any data at all.

Any help please?


Hi @BillVilladolid

Please double check the following:

  1. You can logged into DataDear
  2. You have selected an organisation from the toolbar
  3. If the drop-down are still empty, use the Refresh button to get validated list from QuickBooks
  4. If you wish to Edit transactions, use the Get data to Edit button.


hi neville,

yes to all the steps.

unfortunately, still the same error for 2 qbo accounts already.

is there another working version we can try? we’d appreciate if it can be sent to my email, please?


Can you share a screen snip of the error you are experiencing and when this happens?

I am also having this issue where this spreadsheet downloads no data. It presents no error message, just gives a time of 12:00:00 AM for the first line of Entry Data as shown in this picture:

Hi @jd71

Welcome to the forum!

May I ask if your QuickBooks company has any tax rates or is it exempt?

Sure, the company is exempt.

Hi @jd71

This is a known issue which has been already fixed by the team. You will be able to use the template after the November release (11/11). Watch out the announcements page for more updates on this issue.