QuickBooks Online templates




We have some clients on QBO and have been looking at the templates library for options. The list is not as long as the one for Xero. What are your plans in this area. We’re mainly interested in importing invoices, timesheets and the conversion tool seems useful as well.


Hi Amy

The team is currently working on added new templates which are due to be launched in the next couple of months. We are starting with the Invoices, Bills, Payments and Credit Notes which are already being tested internally and planned for April. Others will follow.

The QuickBooks api allows for having a template to bulk enter Time Activity so this is something that will be added later this year. Re conversion tool, this is still under investigation to assess the feasibility.


We are also interested - look forward to use them!


Thanks Neville.

The conversion tool would help us immensely so please do give it some priority.