Recent update causing download tables to shift position in excel worksheet



We use Datadear invoice and credit note lines to download tables to excel. These tables are then manipulated in Power query. We have acomplex sequence of manipulations which have been succesfully operating for months. As of this morning all ‘invoice line’ and ‘credit line’ tables are now displaced in their respective datadear excel worksheets and as a result are failing to perform correctly in Power query.

Please provide some guidance ASAP:

  1. can you provide any detail on why this is happening

  2. can you suggest any ways to resolve

  3. is anybody else suffering the same issue and are you likely to make any changes your end - I dont want to re-program a coplex system to discover you have resolved it and that requires me to put it back to where it was before.

thank you


Hi OakenStone

With the DataDear release deployed earlier today, we have now included both Invoices and Credit note lines in the same report after various requests.

You may filter with the respective type, depending on whether you want to see Invoices or Credit Notes only. An example on how to filter can be seen in the following screenshot on the parameters window;


Hope this helps!


Hi Clifton - thanks for the reply but I already know how to filter etc. The issue is that the data when refreshed is no longer being placed in the same location as before within the excel worksheet and the generated table is no longer recognised by Power Query


Hi @OakenStone

It may be possible that the data table got a new name during the process and the power query is not able to find the ‘old’ table name. I cannot double check this myself so could you do a small test by creating another power query to the ‘new’ table and then see if that works on refresh. If the later scenario works, then you will need to remap the power query to the ‘new’ data table - hope this is not a lot of effort!.


Hi Neville.

Yes that was my first thought too but I checked table name and it’s consistent.

Do you think it’s likely the columns exported are different headings and or drop in a different order.


Something is going wrong with the table format - you can see here the values are not lining up with the column headings - date output is sitting under name column, contact names sitting in the invoice Number column etc.

The new table is being placed in the next column after the last column of the original table - although the table name is being preserved (so power query is able to access it) the location and column headings are no longer consistent


Not sure what you mean however I noticed that the values are showing in the wrong columns. For this data table the last column is AR.

I started from a clean sheet, downloaded the Invoice / Credit Note Lines, created a pivot chart, refreshed the data table and the pivot chart was updated without problems. I suspect your initial table has corrupted and refresh is not working properly. I suggest you start from a new sheet and connect the power query to this new sheet.